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Sparkster Labs is a software development company that is passionate about democratising technology by creating easy-to-use tools and user-friendly platforms for building decentralised software.
Founded with the mission of broadening the reach of decentralised software, Sparkster Labs’ technology and tools allow anyone to build decentralised software, regardless of their knowledge of programming, computer technology or blockchain architecture. The Sparkster Labs platform offers users and software developers ‘drag and drop’ functionality, which simplifies the process of developing decentralised software, as well as eliminating one of the industry’s biggest barriers to entry: coding.
Software Development
The ‘Next Generation Sparkster Decentralised Cloud’ supports tens of millions of on-chain transactions per second (TPS) for millions of customers, and with decentralised cloud platforms set to grow and grow, Sparkster is already a leader in the field.
Sparkster Labs understands that the majority of businesses are currently using software that is incompatible with the technologies of the near future, being unable to integrate with AI, IoT, AR or Smart Contracts. Sparkster Lab was created in reaction to this particular issue; by enabling anyone to build software that is specific to their needs, businesses are able to respond to the ever-changing business and technology landscape.

The ‘Next Generation Sparkster Decentralised Cloud’ has many advantages; as well as aiming to become the world’s fastest decentralised cloud it also has extremely low running costs, as it is comprised of small software components that are executed over mobile devices. Another advantage of decentralised cloud technology is that the near zero costs will drop further as more and more miners join the platform.

Sparkster’s mobile-based software components are also significantly cheaper than its competitors – the traditional cloud platforms offered by companies such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google. Decentralised clouds do away with the need – and therefore the cost – of physical servers, physical security, backup power, cooling systems and on-going maintenance.

Sparkster Labs’ Decentralised Cloud has a proven track record of linear scalability, meaning that as participation in the network increases, the cloud will continue to perform at the same high rate. Users of the Sparkster Labs network can also rest assured that the data that is stored within the decentralised cloud is stored in a way that fragments, encrypts and disseminates the information, meaning that any data obtained from the network would lose any meaning or value. Sparkster Labs software also detects and prevents intrusions thanks to a tamper detector within the app that immediately deletes personal information and blocks access to the network.