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Sparkster Labs has created a platform that offers everyone access to algorithmic trading
With a revolutionary ethos, Sparkster Labs is empowering people with its easy-to-use software tools that make it possible to define new and innovative trading strategies.
Sparkster Labs encourages people to turn their ideas into reality
By developing code-free software development tools, Sparkster Labs encourages people to turn their ideas into reality; a task that is far easier without the impediment of learning how to code. The democratisation of technology – and greater access to technology – is at the heart of Sparkster’s mission, and its work within the algorithmic trading industry shares and further develops this aim.

The latest technologies have seen new tools such as Trading View emerge as frontrunners in the industry; however, many traders do not have the technical knowledge of programming, which means that they are unable to undertake sophisticated testing, strategy ranking, risk management, indexing and automation. Understanding these elements is essential to algorithmic trading – or algo trading – yet currently, the high-tech software keeps this skill and knowledge to only a few experts.

Sparkster Labs offers a solution to this problem thanks to its ‘No Code Algorithm Trading Platform’, which gives traders simple, user-friendly tools to implement trading strategies in only a couple of minutes. Traders can use the Sparkster No Code Algorithm Trading Platform to create the software that they need, built using everyday English and without the need for advanced programming knowledge or skills. Sparkster Labs’ tools mean that traders can optimise the success of their portfolio by testing and implementing new strategies, whilst simultaneously managing risk.

Whilst Sparkster Labs provides the tools for creating new and innovative trading strategies, for those who simply wish to invest in algorithmic trading – without building software that enables it – Sparkster also provides excellent opportunities. Traders can invest in strategies that have been shared through the Sparkster network, where a healthy ecosystem that is based on shared knowledge and profits is exchanged for a percentage of the profits with the strategy’s creator. Not only does this benefit the author of the strategy, but it enables traders to add more capital to the system, creating greater profits for all.